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SCA Waivers/Consent to Participate

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Middle Kingdom Documents

Name Description Version Last Modified
Name Description Version Last Modified

v. 2019. Contains Martial Activity Report, Martial Auths Report, Waiver/consent and sign-in sheet, Auth Tracking Form, Secondary Auth Tracking form, Tournament Sign-in sheet.

1.0 08-25-2019


1.1 08-25-2019
Form - Marshal In Training

v. 2012. With Log

1.0 09-21-2018

v. 2000. For Quarterly or Domesday reporting.

1.0 09-21-2018
Form - Martial UberForm

v2019. Activity Report and Participant sign in

1.0 06-19-2019
v.2019 1.0 08-25-2019
Handbook - War Manual

v. 2018

1.0 09-21-2018